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SWINGEAT is a unique patent of extraordinary garden furniture manufactured in the European Union.

SWINGEAT is a swinging garden seating set with wooden floor, dining table and two benches for sitting, made of solid wood. The swing is fitted with a textile shade protecting from the rain and sun. The set has a metal construction treated with powered paint, or a stainless steel construction. SWINGEAT is easy-to-build garden furniture.

In the resting position SWINGEAT can be locked against moving. However, as you unlock it, it just takes a gentle bounce of your leg to instantly change your garden furniture into a pleasant and restful swing you will love so much that you will be unable to stand up again.

The special mechanism allows SWINGEAT to make only horizontal movement which evokes the feeling of swinging without changing the height. During this movement the table remains horizontal so that not a single drop of your coffee is spilt while swinging.

House, garden, terrace, café, showroom, exhibition, old people’s home, public park … These are only some of the places where the garden furniture SWINGEAT can fit nicely. SWINGEAT is furniture for everyone, mainly for those who want to relish this pleasure and relaxation.

SWINGEAT has already found its place in many cafés and restarants in the centres of world metropolises where its main function is to attract customers to come, swing and relax with a hot drink in their hands. Thanks to its unique movement and unusual appearance, SWINGEAT furniture has become something that catches the eye of every passer-by.

SWINGEAT furniture could be placed on any surface such as grassy areas, concrete floors, interlocking tile pavings, wooden landings, terraces, etc. It is not even necessary to fix the SWINGEAT furniture to the ground, which makes it easy for the swing to be moved about at a wish.

The movement of knees without the weight of your body pressing down on them could also have a rehabilitation effect. That is the reason why SWINGEAT has been recommended by many physiotherapists.

Garden furniture SWINGEAT offers a complex solution:


  • solid wooden floor
  • dining table

  • sitting bench for 4-6 persons

  • swing

  • shade from a quality rainproof textile

All this can be yours in a single product which saves your money as well as space.

If you want to enjoy this wonderful fun, please contact us and order our garden furniture SWINGEAT.